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Safe Administration of Medication Training
This course teaches those administering medication within their work how to do so in a safe and appropriate way. This course is essential for care workers who will be administering or coming into contact with medication within their work.

Course Content Includes
What is ‘licensed medication’
Legislation relating to medication and the application of it
Council policy on the safe administration of medication
MAR charts and the recent changes
The routes of administration and the theory of how to safely administer medication via the most frequently used routes
The importance and legal requirements of documentation in relation to medication
To understand what is meant by ‘consent’ and how medication can be abused
Signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction and the actions to take
Categorisation of medicines and labelling of medicines
Understanding terminology and what it means e.g. dose, duration, frequency
Understanding the function of PRN medication
The difference between prompt and administer
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